Zf Gear Box Manual

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Genuine ZF Parts, Service and Experience are what you’ll find from our ZF Marine network. Genuine ZF Marine parts and components are built to exact factory specifications. Prompt service and installation, and comprehensive customer support is what you’ll receive from our. We are ready to help. Please contact us to ensure your pleasure craft or work vessel is running at optimal performance.

Zf Gear Box ManualZf Gear Box Manual

• Approved group of dealers trained and ready to represent ZF • Experience in pleasure and commercial craft applications including speedboat, yacht, sportfishing, workboat, tug and tow, fast ferry, patrol boat, and more • Full access to our complete inventory of transmissions, controls, pod drives, SeaRex® surface drive systems, shaft parts, and much more. Helpful Resources What oil is in my transmission? Models 5 through 85 will primarily use automatic transmission fluid. Models 220 through 60000 will use 30W. Refer to ZF oil list for specific instructions or contact ZF.

What filter is used on it? Can I use a non-ZF filter? This is not recommended. Only Genuine ZF parts should be used in order to ensure proper service life of your ZF equipment. What is my oil capacity? Look under the dimensions table of your model.

Many models have the capacity right on the ZF data tag. Yamaha Vx Deluxe Service Manual there. What are the service intervals?

This is listed in the owner’s manual for your specific model and it depends on your particular application and duty rating.

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Our Download Portfolio – PDF Catalogs for Vehicle Parts. Vehicle category. Along with offers and dealer information relating to the ZF Aftermarket. Jaguar Adds AWD, Manual Gearbox to F-Type – Oh, and Electric Steering Too! Developed, like the Quickshift eight-speed auto with transmission experts ZF. We offer OEM Factory ZF parts manuals/diagrams, Service manuals. Service information for serve and repair ZF gearbox 4HP22, 6HP26, 5HP19, 5HP24, 5HP30.

PGD series gearboxes with compact design and hub-style output are ideal for equipment that requires high-speed, high-precision indexing movement.