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USER GUIDE 2 Table of Contents Contents. 1.2 Special Symbols used in the Manual Warning that could affect safety or result in injury, a crash. View and Download Victor 1560-6 instruction manual online. View and Download Victor 1208-2 Series instruction manual online. 12-Digit Big LCD Display 2-Color Printing Calculator. 1208-2 Series Calculator pdf manual download.

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Victor Reader Stream User Guide About VICTOR READER STREAM HumanWare is proud to introduce VICTOR READER STREAM, the powerful digital talking book player. VICTOR READER STREAM is designed as an advanced high performance DAISY, MP3, and NISO player for students, professionals, or on-the-go people who have extensive reading needs. It allows you to transfer content from your PC to its removable flash memory card and provides advanced navigation of multiple formats including DAISY, MP3, NISO and electronic text. Acknowledgement HumanWare thanks the CNIB Library for assisting with the production of this User Guide.

©Copyright 2007. All rights reserved, HumanWare Canada. This User Guide is protected by copyright belonging to HumanWare, with all rights reserved. The User Guide may not be copied in whole or in part, without written consent from HumanWare. Table of Contents 1. Overview of VICTOR READER STREAM. 1.1 Unpacking the Player.

5 1.2 Physical Description of VICTOR READER STREAM. 6 1.2.1 Front Face of the Player 6 1.2.2 Left Side of the Player 6 1.2.3 Right Side of the Player 6 1.2.4 Top Edge of the Player 6 1.2.5 Back side of the Player (Battery Compartment) 6 1.2.6 USB Cartridge Holder (optional) 7 1.3 Power Button.

8 1.3.1 Turning the Player On and Off 8 1.3.2 Player Reset Using Power Button. 8 1.4 Inserting or Removing the SD CARD. 8 1.5 Memory Card Detection.

8 1.6 Bookshelf Structure. 8 1.7 Other Reserved File Names. 9 1.8 Transferring Files Between Your PC and Stream. Basic Functions. 11 2.1 Changing Volume, Speed, Tone. 11 2.2 Play/Stop. 11 2.3 Rewind and Fast Forward.

11 2.4 Key Describer Mode. Numeric Key Functions. 12 3.1 Numeric Keypad List.

12 3.2 Navigation Keys. 12 3.3 Time Jump Navigation Mode.

12 3.4 Text-to-Speech Navigation Elements. 12 3.5 Skippable elements. 12 3.5.1 Recall skippable elements. 13 3.6 Bookshelf Navigation - Key 1. 13 3.7 User Guide - Key 1 (Press and hold) 13 3.8 Delete Function - Key 3. 13 3.9 Where am I? 13 3.10 Playback mode - Key 9.

13 3.11 Confirm, Lock and Cancel - Pound (#) and Star (*) keys. 14 3.12 Info - Key 0. 14 3.12.1 Available Information Items. Advanced Functions. 15 4.1 Go to Page. 15 4.2 Go to Heading.

15 4.3 Go to Book. 15 4.4 Recording Audio Notes. 15 4.5 Bookmarks.

16 4.5.1 Go to Bookmark. 16 4.5.2 Insert Bookmark. 16 4.5.3 Insert audio Bookmark. 16 4.5.4 Highlight Bookmark. 17 4.5.5 Bookmark List 17 4.5.6 Remove Bookmark.

18 4.6 Sleep Mode - Sleep key. Configuration Menu - Key 7.

19 5.1 Menus and Menu Items List. 19 5.1.1 Playback. 19 5.1.2 Skip. Listening to Music and other Books. 20 6.1 Other Books Bookshelf.

20 6.2 Music Bookshelf. 20 6.2.1 Playlists. 20 6.3 Using Other Books and Music Bookshelves. 20 6.4 Characteristics that Differ Between Other Books and Music Bookshelves.

21 6.5 Text Bookshelf. Updating Stream Software. Technical Specifications. HumanWare Canada Contact Information. End User License Agreement. Overview of VICTOR READER STREAM •1.1 Unpacking the Player The package contains the following items: • VICTOR READER STREAM • Rectangular rechargeable battery • Power cord • Carrying pouch • Long USB cable to connect to the PC • Short USB cable to connect to a USB memory stick. • Earbuds • Warranty card • Optional SD memory card (if purchased separately) • Documentation CD In some countries the package may also contain a card to fill out to purchase an optional extension to your basic warranty.

If you find this card and are interested in the extended warranty please return the card within 30 days. If you have difficulty filling out the card or wish more information please contact HumanWare: Toll Free: 1 888 723-7273 (Canada & U.S.A.) Telephone: 1 (819) 471-4818 E-mail: •1.2 Physical Description of VICTOR READER STREAM •1.2.1 Front Face of the Player The face of the player can be divided into three sections: • In the upper section is a speaker on the left corner and built-in microphone on the right corner. • The middle section contains a telephone style numeric keypad with a raised dot on the number 5 key. This numeric keypad is used to move through the structure of a book as well as enter bookmark, page, or heading numbers. Above the 1 key is the Go To Page key.

The Go To Page key allows you to go directly to a desired page. Above the 3 key is the Bookmark key. It is used to insert bookmarks at reading positions that you want to return to later. Between the Go To Page and Bookmark keys is a green LED indicator. This LED glows steady when the Stream is powered on and blinks while the Stream is off and recharging the battery. • The bottom section contains the Play/Stop key, which is located between the Rewind and Fast Forward key. Above the Play/Stop key, is the Sleep key.

There is a raised line below the number pad and above the Sleep key to separate the middle and bottom sections. •1.2.2 Left Side of the Player On the left side of the player, near the top corner, is the Power/Toggle button. You press and hold this button to power on and off the player. When the player is on, you press this same Power button to toggle the volume, speed and tone settings.

Next to it, are two triangular buttons. These are the Up and Down buttons used to increase or decrease the respective volume, speed or tone selected with the toggle button. These settings are saved between sessions.

For your convenience, separate volume settings are saved for each of the built-in speaker and headphones. •1.2.3 Right Side of the Player On the right side of the player, near the top corner, is the earphones jack which can also be used to connect an external speaker. Next to it is the microphone jack. Halfway down the right side between two rough surfaces is the Record button which is red and has a raised dot in the middle.

•1.2.4 Top Edge of the Player Located on the top edge, on the left corner is a mini USB connector. This is used to access books on USB storage devices using the included USB cables. Next to it, in the middle, is the SD memory card slot. On the right is the power input jack. It is used to connect the player to an electrical outlet to recharge the battery. •1.2.5 Back side of the Player (Battery Compartment) The battery compartment is located in the back of the player. To remove the battery door, press on the finger pads and slide the door down and off.

You may also find it easier to grip the player around the curved bottom end with your fingers on the keypad and the heel of your palm on the battery door. Then squeeze gently against the door and slide it down and off. You will find a semi-circular opening at the top center of the battery compartment. On the bottom edge of the battery is a bump near the center, and two tabs on either side. The top edge of the battery has a finger tab in the middle. To insert the battery, insert the bottom edge first, making certain the bump fits in the appropriate opening, and snap the top edge in place. To remove the battery, place your finger in the semi-circular opening and push and lift the finger tab.

The battery cannot be inserted incorrectly as it will only fit in the proper orientation. Secure the battery compartment by sliding the door back on, ensuring it locks in place. The fully charged battery will provide up to 15 hours playtime. However, battery playtime may be reduced in the following cases: • If the battery is charged for less than 4 hours. • Extensive use of book navigation commands.

17025 Quality Manual. • High volume level or High Speed playback. • After about 400 recharge cycles the battery capacity will start to reduce. The battery will automatically recharge if needed whenever the player is plugged to AC power. If the player is powered Off and plugged in, the power LED indicator will blink if the battery is recharging. The player can also be used while recharging but in this case the LED will glow steady instead of blink. A full recharge takes up to 4 hours.

When the player is not connected to a power outlet, and staying in pause mode for more than 30 minutes, it will shut Off automatically to save the battery. Note: The player's serial number can be found in the top left corner of the battery compartment. The serial number can also be obtained by pressing INFO (key 0). •1.2.6 USB Cartridge Holder (optional) Your Victor Reader Stream can accommodate an optional USB cartridge holder connected to the back of the player.

This optional cartridge holder must be purchased as an accessory. The use of the USB cartridge holder is for those who are eligible to receive books from the NLS (National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped) library in the United States. The NLS library talking books will be distributed on special book cartridges that can be inserted into this holder so they may be played on the Stream if the Stream is authorized to play the NLS books. Note that NLS book cartridges are currently not available and will not be until 2008. In order for the Stream to be authorized the user must be eligible for NLS service and be registered by their local library. Please contact your local library for more information on NLS service eligibility. The cartridge holder includes an integral USB connector to allow the player to access the data on the book cartridge.