Camtech Coaching Manual

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Hand book on C&W • 1. North central railway, jhansiHAND Book for c&w SUPERVISORS i • Hand Book for C&W Supervisors released by SHRI HARISH CHANDRA JOSHI General Manager North Central Railway On Occasion of Mechanical Officers Meet i • Chief Mechanical Engineer North Central Railway Allahabad Carriage & wagon Supervisors play a vital role in trainoperations. It is our duty to regular update their knowledge. This will enablethem to ensure safe running of trains and also assist in train operations.

Camtech Coaching Maintenance ManualCamtech Coaching Manual

It is matter of great pride that Supervisor Training Centre, Jhansihas made a hand book for C & W Supervisors. This contains the latestmodifications, instructions for both Coaching & Wagon.

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Latest fittings inCoaching have also been included. This handbook will be very useful to theSupervisors. This should be distributed to all C & W supervisors duringTraining at STC. I wish to congratulate the Principal & Instructors of STC for thiseffort.Date: (A. KANSAL) ii • Chief Workshop Engineer North Central Railway Allahabad Carriage & wagon supervisors are back bone of MechanicalDepartment & play important role in train operation. This can be doneeffectively if they are having sound technical knowledge in their field. Supervisor Training Centre has issued Hand Book of Carriage &Wagon Supervisor, which is very useful for C & W supervisor latestdevelopment in the Rolling Stock have also been covered effectively.

I hope, after gone through this book supervisors can update/ upgradetheir knowledge which will result efficient train operation & reduction of linefailure & punctuality will improve.Date: (Anoop Kumar) iii • Chief Rolling Stock Engineer North Central Railway Allahabad. Carriage & wagon supervisors play a vital role in moving the wheels ofthe nation. It’s not only duty of C&W Supervisor to update their knowledgeand skill in their field but this is necessity of the time to perform their dutieswith thorough technical knowledge for effectiveness & efficiency. It is a matter of great pleasure that Supervisors Training Centre hasprepared a hand book for the C&W Supervisors.

I appreciate the hard workdone by STC in bringing the relevant information in the form of book. The hand book will be useful, if it is referred to frequently.Date: (A.

Misra) iv • Chief Workshop Manager North Central Railway Workshop Jhansi Supervisors Training Centre, Jhansi is playing a very important role in thetraining of supervisors of Mechanical Department of NCR. Besides this, it is alsoconducting training on Disaster Management for supervisors of all departments of NCR. This Hand book is inspired by our CME, Shri A.K.Kansal, who gaveinstructions to STC that training material should be published in the form of a book andhanded over to the trainees. Coping Cat Manual.

I compliment Shri T.S.Bhati, Principal,STC, Shri N.K.Singh,Chief Instructor-STC and Shri Rahul Kumar, Trainee J.E.(Carriage and Wagon) who havetaken great pains for compilation of the material contained in this training material. I would also like to thank our CWE, Shri Anoop Kumar as well as CRSE, ShriA.K.Misra who have gone through the training material at draft stage and have givenmany valuable inputs before it was published in the final form. We hope that the C&W Supervisors who are given this booklet will find it veryuseful in their day-to-day working.Date: (Ashesh Agrawal ) v • Principal Supervisor’s Training Centre Jhansi Date: Preface Carriage & wagon rolling stock is back bone of Indian Railway.

C & WSupervisors play a vital role to maintain C & W Rolling stock, in operative, maintainpunctuality & reduce line failure, detachment of coach/wagon. It is duty of C&Wsupervisor to update/ upgrade his knowledge in his field. Supervisor Training Center is imparting training to C & W supervisor itis basic moral duty of training center to upgrade and update the knowledge of C &W supervisor. This is a step towards this effort.

A compendium in the form of book ofcarriage & wagon with latest development in the field of rolling stock is made. Thepurpose of this book is to upgrade the knowledge of C&W supervisor & punctualitywill improve Line Failure, Detachments will reduce.

I express my sincere thanks to CME Shri A.K.Kansal for his inspiration& direction to issue a teaching material in form of book. I also express my sincerethank to CWE Shri Anoop Kumar, CRSE Shri A.K.Mishra and CWM Shri AsheshAgrawal for their valuable guidance.

Content of this book has been collected from different references, thisbook should not be quoted for any technical/ legal references. This is first attempt in this direction, advice / suggestions are heartywelcome. There may be some error in the printing of book or context of topic. I shallbe personally obliged for giving your valuable advice / suggestions so that correctiveactions may be to taken on the matter.ThanksWith Regards(Tej Singh Bhati) vi • INDEX COACHING STOCKSl. Topic Page 1. Introduction of C & W 1 2.

ICF Bogie 1-10 3. ICF Coach Shell 11-12 4.

Wheel 13-18 5. Bearing(Spherical roller) 19 6. Draw and Buffing gear 20-21 7. Classification of Coach Maintenance Depots 22-23 8. Maintenance Schedules 24-31 9. Corrosion 32-35 10. Standard Facilities for 24 Coaches rake 36 11.