Beechcraft Baron Manual

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Beechcraft Baron ManualBeechcraft Baron 58 Manual Pdf

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16-August-2017 10:48 2.3MB 02-July-2009 12:04 114k For Step-by-Step Shimmy Damper O-Ring Replacement Info Click 07-February-2014 09:04 3.1MB 07-February-2014 10:04 21k 13-Oct-2013 08:30 1.6MB 02-May-2007 12:04 249k 02-May-2013 10:35 126k 02-July-2009 12:04 150k 02-May-2007 12:05 289k 30-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017 14-Nov-2015 12:05 249k 02-May-2007 10:57 1.4MB 02-May-2007 12:06 45k Used in Landing Gear & Flap Limit Switches. Carrying one of these in your little box of spares in your plane might be a good idea. Imagine being on a trip and your flaps get stuck because one of the limit switches failed.

CSOB Source of BZ-R31 Only $14.28!!! You can get them from Online Components for an amazing $5.44! Or you can get the BZ-R31 for $8.23 if you buy 5 from Allied Electronics. Allied also has many other micro switches for your Beechcraft.

Beech Lister Greg G. Reports that Bonanzas D-4866 through D-9068 use this BZ-R31 switch. Check your parts catalog to be sure you get the proper part for your serial number. Here is the BZ3YT switch available for about $24 used in later Baron landing gear systems and possibly >D-9068 Bonanzas.

SECTION 1 GENERAL TABLE OF CONTENTS SUBJECT PAGE. Type Certificate) Supplement or a Hawker Beechcraft Corpo-ration Flight Manual Supplement for every installed item requir-ing a supplement. If a new handbook for operation of the airplane is obtained at a later date, it is the responsibility of the. This is a used non current disc Beechcraft Baron Service maintenance repair parts manual library. Beechcraft Baron aircraft manuals on CDs. This 2 CD set is non current and is for 'REFERENCE USE ONLY'. View and Download Beechcraft Baron G58 pilot operating handbook online. Siemens Gigaset Al18h Manual more. Serials TH-2125 and after. Baron G58 Aircrafts pdf manual download. The Beechcraft Baron is a light, twin-engined piston aircraft designed and produced by Beechcraft, introduced in 1961.A development of the Travel Air, it remains in production in 2018.

AKA MS25383-1. Check your parts catalog to be sure.

See the BZ3YT Datasheet You will only get the switch, NOT the lever actuator arm. 2018 Fz6n Service Manual there. If you need this arm, it can be found at Allied Electronics PN: AD5721R for $14. AKA AN-3169-1 a data sheet on it is. The arm sleuthing courtesy of Beech Lister Jim H. Here is more switch info from Beech Lister Greg G. As you know, no one seems to make the MS25026-1 (or AN3210-1) version of the BZ-R31 anymore, but here's a real cheap source for the commercial equivalent: $5.01 apiece for 5, if your A&P accepts this commercial equivalent as airworthy. You might have to buy 7 to meet the minimum order size.

They also have the commercial and milspec versions of the other switch: At $14.01 apiece for 5, it's a better deal than at $26.05 apiece, but that is exactly the right part number and should be ordered, since it's available new and should be acceptable to any A&P. 02-May-2007 12:07 488k (Courtesy of.

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