Honda Harmony Ii Hrz216 Manual

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Honda Harmony Ii Hrz216 Manual 5,0/5 2983reviews

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I have owned a Honda Harmony II HRR216 for the past year. 2017 Isuzu Trooper Owners Manual. This is my review.

On a 1 through 5 scale 5 being the best. Overall: 4 Mower performance: 5 One of the best engines, starts on the first pull even on a cold morning. No maintenance needed yet and have logged over 300 hours. Handling: 5 Very light weight and easy to maneuver. Belts, tires, cables etc.: 3 Cable has broken and tires ware down soon.

Belts have held up though. Durability: 5 I have beat the crap out of this mower and keeps running, made of aluminum alloy that is strong and light weight. Quality of cut: 5 The double blade mulches the grass up very fine and leaves a manicured lawn.

Honda Harmony Ii Hrz216 Manual

Dec 30, 2002  A Honda Harmony is a 'consumer' lawn mower [as opposed to a ' commercial' lawn mower.OHV engine.I've heard several suggestions from various lawn-equipment dealers as to oil. Top / Online Store / Parts and Accessories / Honda Mowers / Honda Harmony II Parts Online Store. Maruyama Parts Manuals and Tools Ordering Information: Honda Harmony II Walk-Behind Lawnmower Common Parts by Model Number Scroll down to Middle of Page for Model List. Parts and owner's manuals, tools, and other items.

Get news updates on Honda products, including automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment, to information on issues such as environment, safety and technology. Honda-HRT216 Lawn Mower Parts Lawnmowers have become as much a part of summertime tradition as barbecues, fireworks, and hanging out at the lake with friends and family. A lawnmower is an essential piece of equipment for any homeowner, helping keep your property looking great and your grass healthy. Download or purchase owners manuals for Honda Lawn Mowers.

Honda Harmony Ii Hrz216 Manual

Price: 4 It runs around $400 at Home Depot. Overall this has been the best 21' mower I have used, and I have gone through alot, evened owned a $1000 John Deere 21' mower. I would highly recommend this mower to anyone looking for a good 21' mower. Honda seems to have gotten it right with this mower hopefully they will not change it. I hope this helps anyone that is looking to buy a 21' mower but doesnt know which one to choose.

Honda Harmony 216 Parts ManualHonda Harmony Ii Hrz216 Manual